Translated by Jannis Aziz Khammas, October 2013


Spirits languish for results, not forewords and desires, to get to the desired goal without lengthy introductions.

Therefore, I will limit my preface to these few lines unto my decision to write the book.

Ibn al-Nadim *


It's about us, our planet Earth and the energy in its multiform shape.

It's about that today - and for all the future - energy is provided in abundance.

And it's about how this energy can become a benefit of all the inhabitants of our planet without spatial and quantitative restrictions - without environmental or economic damage to the environment and life.

As proof of these statements here are all so far discovered and presented used forms of renewable energy. As a general map, which doesn´t exist anywhere else in the internet. And in order to give an overall view, which is to prevent you from becoming tangled up in the undergrowth of the controversial opinions of experts and expertise.

Moreover, in a database new and not yet verified energy innovations are presented, as well as - and even more detailed - a very special potential method for energy, which is based on the following premise:


Every movement of matter, apart from a few special cases, can be considered as a vortex motion."

Dr. Ing. Hans J. Lugt **


First, the environment is investigated, in which the current energy extraction and conversion processes take place, as well as the often negative consequences resulting therefrom. This is the content of Part A - The biosphere. Here it is also proven that in spite of all good efforts not enough has happened in the last few decades to master the increasing difficulties - while the scissors of climatic extremes pries further apart.

In the following Part B - Total-energy-concept, I introduce the system-technological tools that are available in the target-finding and problem-solving process. Their application allows a more detailed analysis and better evaluation of the available alternative or substitution of energy.

In the third Part C - Analysis of exergy-separation, I describe in detail all non-fossil energy sources: their history, the current state of their development and their future - beginning with the known renewable energy sources, where the Index of C conveys a (much recommended!) overview - to those systems that have not yet made ​​it to the public and make the contents of the database of new energy. Part C is being continuously updated since the first publication in March 2007.

Looking at recent statistics, the visitors on this page are especially interested in perpendicular axles and new designs and rotor shapes in the field of wind energy, Stirling-Motors, the various implementations of muscle strength, the new area of Micro Energy Harvesting and the history of energy storage.

The fourth Part D - The Synergetic model describes a system for the provision of exergy, meaning purely usable energy, which I personally give preference to and hereby bring as a solution to the global energy and environmental debate.

In the fifth and final Part E - My way motivation is illuminated and the social, historical and religious context of the synergetic model is described. We also report on what steps have been taken to inform stakeholders, experts and politicians on this proposal and to encourage its implementation.

All chapters can be accessed individually via the site map, while summaries of the five above-mentioned Parts are located in the overview. The content of this website corresponds to the beginning of 2013 a book of 5,500 pages - but there's a good reason why you should know all this:


There are no passengers on spaceship earth - only crew!

Buckminster Fuller ***


I started this work in 1975 - when I first met abu Muhammad al-Masih and his little water machine in Syria. He claimed the title ‘Messiah’ for himself – which soon turned out that he considered this name as a profane ‘job name’, because a ‘Masih’ is a Wipe-away (of fuel technologies). This fact is relevant to explain my motivation and should delight - but not frighten or even distract from the important content.

Already in 1973 I had begun to concern myself with alternative forms of energy. But only because of the inspiration of swirling up the water inside the Messiah-machine, which could be described as ‘Hope Machine’, I was given a clue in which direction the search for an effective solution to the global environmental and energy issues leads.

In its first version, this work reached a temporary end in 1981 because my career and family took priority. Nevertheless, I have researched further in subsequent years without interruption, collected material and published several articles and reports on this topic. In 2000, I was then motivated by the musician Tom Wölke and his friends to refresh my work and publish it in the meantime created Internet. Thank you for this friendly kick!

It was exhausting but also fun to sift through the most extensive material and supplement, elaborate and finally digitize it, to make it generally accessible and free. The Book of synergy is optimized for viewing in the Firefox browser and on a 17 "screen.

If you read these sentences here, I've done it ...!

Ahmed A. W. Khammas


CV on my private website: here / short english: here


Since the activation of this page in March 2007 more and more e-mails with requests, recommendations, additions, thanks and appreciations reach me. This of course makes me very happy.

Based on this feedback, I decided in early 2008 to continue writing the Book of Synergy in the future.

The reactions so far can be found here on my private page - and here is an insight into the Access statistics (state 11/2010). In February 2009, the Book of Synergy recorded over 1 million clicks for the first time, and in May 2010, already more than 2 million hits a month - the equivalent of around 50,000 visitors per month.

The cinematic introduction was thanks to Udo Schneider, Rolf Seiler and Hans Jacobsmeyer. It was released in February 2009. This 6-minute trailer is now also available with English and Arabic subtitles.

My further thanks are located in the imprint. As an additional rubric, I have integrated the chapter ‘Innovations that I like...’ - in which some environmental proposals and implementations are presented that have not only to do with energy.

Now the financing of qualified translations of this publication, at least in Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin) is required - with the help of appropriate companies or institutions such as environmental ministries, associations, foundations, etc., which, like me, take responsibility for informing the public whereas unlike me, they have the funds needed for this purpose.

These translations are so important because most people so far have no or insufficient information about the energy-potentials actually available.

And without the proper knowledge even the highest motivation can´t lead to any meaningful implementation...

Companies, institutions or sponsors who want to internationally distinguish themselves by appropriate translations, should please contact me. The corresponding Internet presence is the best marketing campaign that you can imagine - with contact-numbers increasing daily and constantly increasing actuality!

Also, I would be very happy about active co-authors to help updating this site more quickly, because I am unable to do so alone.

To support the further work I’m happy about donations - which can be paid via the PayPal-button on the top right, or via the regular account details on the Impressum page.

This structured compilation of information is supposed to serve every generation, so that they don’t have to do research over and over again - as was previously the case, to show how many brilliant ideas and even implementations have been around, to inspire people and to provide the accumulated knowledge for the purposes of 'Contributonism' and the UBUNTU-movement (M. Tellinger) to all people at their leisure.

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(*) Ibn al-Nadim was the author of 'Catalogue of Sciences', the ten-volume bibliography of many Arabic published translations and original works, published in 1000 AD in Baghdad. The local library should have had, prior to their destruction by the Mongols, over one million registered volumes. The quote comes from the book: Allah’s sun over the Occident 'by Sigrid Hunke.

(**) I report in detail in Part D about Dr. Ing Hans J. Lugt and the secrets of whirling motion.

(***) 'Bucky' Fuller should really already be known by everyone, but if not, then try Google...